Rabab Maki's extortion (Class E Felony) via threatening to commit libel and causing damage

On December 23, 2020, Rabab A Makki (AKA Maki) committed Extortion against us, which is in her state a Class E Felony:

She admitted that she mistakenly purchased merchandise from us. But later she also admitted she extorted us for an immediate refund, with our property already on its way to her, because she believed the false libelous claims from criminals we exposed for crimes against us. She demanded a refund but before our English-speaking support people had read her support ticket, our non-English-speaking dispatchers had already shipped it, having gotten up at the crack of dawn to be able to ship her order before Christmas the next day.

Makki committed extortion because she demanded money from us, $199, and if we would not give her $199, she would tell her bank that we are a criminal organization. Telling banks that merchants are fraudsters is a threat to the livelihood of the merchant, since this can affect their relationship with their own financial partners. Also, we're charged a very high chargeback fee, plus chargebacks create a risk of losing ones payment processor.

Due to her threats, we felt forced to refund her immediately, which we did (timestamps could be a bit different due to us, her and our payment processor and our web server all being in different time zones)

She did not care that we had already shipped. This criminal told our website host and domain registrar that we're a criminal organization that NEVER ships and extorts people for money via threats of exposing their details online. She told the same thing to her bank and attorney and the BBB. But here is the proof that we DID ship, that same day:

A chargeback comes with a steep fee for the merchant and when a merchant gets more than 0.5% chargebacks in any three-month or even one-month period, the merchant's processing contract will be terminated, which would cost us upwards of half a million dollars.
Mrs. Makki effectively extorted from us, by means of her threat to do an immediate fraudulent and libelous chargeback, the money of her purchase ($199). We are extremely clear on our checkout page that chargebacks or threats of chargebacks result in public blacklisting with all professional and private details, including photo. This is several times displayed as a severe warning, right next to the "I agree to this binding contract never to do a chargeback or demand a refund by threatening to do a chargeback, or else you have my permission to publickly blacklist me with my personal and professional details, including photo" checkbox. That checkbox literally says that.

Rabab Makki's Coercion in the Third Degree. (first Coercion offense)

When we informed her that she had agreed to our T&C where we warned that the penalty for committing a felony or crime against us is public blacklisting and showed here where we had done so, she said she was a very powerful woman with connections all the way at the top of the United Nations, where she worked, and that she had the power to have the United Nations destroy our company. This threat constitutes Third Degree Coercion in New York, a Class A misdemeanor: https://www.new-york-lawyers.org/third-degree-coercion-ny-penal-law-135-60.html#:~:text=The%20Third%20Degree%20%E2%80%9Cvariety%E2%80%9D%20occurs,is%20legally%20allowed%20to%20pursue.

Rabab Maki's Coercion in the Third Degree. (second Coercion offense)

Later, Mrs. Makki said she had defamed us all over the web. She said she would remove the lies if we'd unblacklist her, entered into some kind of complex financial deal with her AND accepted her back as a customer and sold her more merchandise. If we would not comply, she would not remove the false, aggravated criminal libel (with intent to cause great reputational and financial harm) she again confirmed she had spread about our company. She implied she had spread on various online forums that we are scammers.

Rabab Makki's Coercion in the First Degree. (third Coercion offense)

Eventually, Mrs. Makki sent us a message entitled: "I know who you are" with content: "This is your end bully scammer.. now its our time to show you what we can do."
We interpret this as a veiled murder threat for the following reasons:

1. When someone wants to engage in a civil lawsuit against us, a merchant, for an alleged libel offense, all she has to do is have a look at the invoice we emailed her and there are all details of our company. Specifically drawing attention to "I know who you are" is very curious in that respect, especially when it is followed by "this is YOUR end", which can be interpreted as meaning that a person will die - especially when the title of the message is "I know who you are". Such a message does not make any sense, when the identity and address of the business is already known.

2. Mrs. Makki, prior to calling us a "bully scammer", fully acknowledged that she was now convinced we were not scammers after all. She admitted she extorted us becasue she believed other blacklisted thieves' false claims that we, not them, were criminals:

We also have an extremely high TrustPilot rating, with countless customers over the years who go into detail as to why they love our extraordinary customer service so much. It then makes no logical sense to later call us a "scammer", unless there are ulterior motives in the message - to instill fear, combined with the "I know who you are" and the "This is your end", creating a deliberately menacing message, easily open for the worst possible interpretation. It is indeed a trivial affair to retrieve the private addresses of our company's shareholders and CEO, but drawing attention to that does not make any sense (see 1) unless a veiled threat to the person is intended.

3. Mrs. Makki implied that she had sent the personal information on our company officers to all the other criminals on the list of criminals we published - including three criminals who had made direct death threats and we published that, so Mrs. Makki was aware of that (one said he had Mafia connections in our country and we would be murdered imminently). She said she was rallying all those criminals we had blacklisted and they would "end you - you will see what we can do". Note how Mrs. Makki was aware of the fact that these individuals had made direct, credible death threats against us and yet she implied she had supplied them with our home address.

So by her veiled threat of causing physical injury, we deem her guilty of First Degree Coercion, a Class D Felony:

Rabab Maki committed the Tort of Libel in NY (Defamation Per Se) and criminal defamation in our country

We now have proof that Rabab Maki is on a libel rampage, knowingly falsely asserting that our company is not a legitimate online merchant but a "criminal organization in Eastern Europe" with a "fake website" with "only purpose the extortion of money by threatening people's livelihoods". We are in fact an extremely popular, multi-million dollar/year online store since 2004 with a stellar Trustpilot reputation: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/owndoc.com

Maki's act is a criminal offense, punishable by two years' prison in the country we are registered to do business in and it also is punishable with very large fines and full liability for compensation in New York state, where Rabab Makki is a resident. With her defamatory lies, she tried to persuade our Registrar to terminate our sites, which would be irrevocable and thus cost us tens of millions of dollars in damages:

We unfortunately now have to expend much time and money, getting a local NY attorney to report her to her local authorities, filing a criminal complaint. We may sue her for damages here in Prague and get a judgement enforced in NY.



The purpose of this page

Rabab Makki said many times that she had spread defamatory content about us online. She did not give us the chance to defend ourselves. We do not know what she said and where, but since she keeps calling us scammers and said she published "many bad reviews about you", we fear the worst. It seems only fair to us that if a criminal like herself anonymously defames us online, that we can also publicly review - but honestly - her and name and shame her, just as she wrote things about us. She published every detail about us online - CEO names, addresses, while we guard her privacy here, obscuring her email address and IP address, not mentioning her address, not publishing her photo, even though she explicitly gave us permission to do so in case she would commit an offense against our company.