Our defense against Josie Donovan's (AKA Josie Blacket) defamation of our company

Josie Donovan / Josie Blacket

This image resides on Mrs. Donovan's fitness/Yoga website and is embedded here in an IFRAME.
According to the European Court of Justice, this does not constitute a Copyright violation.
The UK does not abide to their rulings anymore, but an UK Court will likely make the same ruling.
However we do have her permission to republish her private and professional details as well as her photo,
since she agreed on May 6, 2021 from IP address to these terms:

We can prove she agreed to our T&C, since we have a document she uploaded onto our server: A photo she made of a letter with her address.
This was our way of asking for a "digital signature":

The reason we asked her for evidence of address is that she lives in the UK but used a US IP address and we do not ship to 3rd parties.
Then on May 9, 2021, Josephine Donovan wrote the following untrue and defamatory 1-star review for our company on TrustPilot:

We are no less baffled as to what makes her think she has the right to make false, damaging public claims about a company.
In it, she referenced to our domain name owndoc.com and our Trademark Sarah Vaughter, as registered in Europe and the US:

Our company owns the international Trademarks for OWNDOC, VAUGHTER WELLNESS and SARAH VAUGHTER and Mrs. Donovan defamed us
by making false allegations about our customer service. She told us she would spam the entire internet with her libel if we did not stop defending ourselves.
She felt she had the right to smear our reputation with lies and if we'd present our own version of events, she'd copy & paste those same lies a dozen more places online.

The fact of the matter is that Mrs. Donovan, apart from agreeing with our T&C, never was our customer.
We denied her a purchase because she told us she did not understand nearly anything on our site and she refused to abide by our Terms (after agreeing to them):

That's all there is to it. She failed our risk screening. We sell medical instruments, but not to people who have difficulties with comprehensive reading.
So we declined her the sale. In revenge, she said she'd damaged our reputation on a forum with 7000 members:

We then told her she'd be publicly blacklisted for defamation as per our T&C. Three days later, she posted a false, libelous review on Trustpilot in revenge.

Josie Blacket AKA Josie Donovan is a feeble-minded, vengeful pathological liar in our opinion and she damaged the reputation of our company out of pure revenge
for her hurt feelings. We have a right to present our version of events, given the fact that she said she would flood the Internet with a highly defamatory fantasy story,
in order to extort and coerce us to remove this very defense to her prior defamatory fairy tale stories on NaturalKaos and TrustPilot.
She identifies us publicly and lied about us - we identify her publicly and tell the truth about her.

Mrs. Donovan lectures us about her rights but notice how she admits to Copyright violation - private written communications are protected by the Berne Convention.
It is clear to us that she made herself guilty of aggravated Copyright violation: With intent to cause great financial damage in the comission of criminal defamation
(lying intentionally with the purpose of causing great financial damage). She was repeatedly informed of our side of the story but instead of retracting, she vowed to repeat the libel everywhere online.