Joshua James Erwin from New Lenox stole from us and tried to blackmail us

Josh Erwin placed two orders with us, and when he realized his mistake too late or decided he didn't want two devices after all, instead of asking us whether it was OK to send one back for a refund, he simply did a "double-charged" chargeback dispute with his bank. Our payment processor fined us $30 for that and we lost $199 for the merchandise.

Here are the details of the case:


But it does not remain with theft. Mr. Erwin brazenly reproached us: "you should have contacted me first" (exactly what he should have done before grabbing our cash out of our pockets!) and he plainly refused to return the money he stole from us unless we bowed to his demand of not publicly blacklisting him for theft - something he had licensed us to do when he explicitly agreed with that clause of our T&C. It could be argued we'd be guilty of extorting him - using fear of blacklisting to obtain our property back - but apart from the fact that that would still be perfectly ethical, we merely invoked a contractual clause we had with mr Erwin. Mr. Erwin was informed several times in advance before he placed the orders with us that we'd publicly blacklist him in case he would do a chargeback and we obtained his explicit consent for that beforehand: He literally clicked a checkbox with the text: "Offenses such as larceny (card payment chargeback), extortion (threatening a card payment chargeback), libel (falsehoods in a bad review) or unjust enrichment (not repaying us or not refusing/returning a shipment after it arrives and having been refunded for it due to a transit delay) results in public blacklisting with personal and professional details, incl. photo". We deem Josh Erwin not just guilty of larceny but also guilty of extortion because he refused to give back our property unless we would remove any blacklistings of him. Extortion is obtaining a benefit via coercion, and the benefit he sought was not being blacklisted and he tried to coerce us by threatening not to return the property he stole from us.

In addition, he refused to repay us the $30 chargeback fee he made us incur with our payment processor. He implied we were lying about that. His bank told him we were not charged anything, but of course his bank has no idea what our payment processor charges us for their penalty fees with VISA/Mastercard and the hassle of handling a chargeback.

According to our T&C, we publicly blacklist people who commit a chargeback against us so here are Joshua Erwin's details:


Phone: 8159550469